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Free Map of antalya for Fourth, the fact that the Star is said to have irst appeared at least a year before the Massacre of the Innocents, and that Herod determined the age of the infants to be killed based on this information, speaks strongly for historicity, since it is difficult to explain otherwise. The main outline of the story is, as W. C. Allen put it, noteworthy for its historical probability. In addition, key features of the Matthean account are corroborated by another irstcentury writer, Luke, who makes much of his credentials as a historian Luke In particular, Luke authenticates Jesus’s birth to Mary in Bethlehem and the unusual circumstances surrounding his conception Luke may also quietly attest to the historicity of the Star Moreover, if the story of the Star is not rooted in history, then in what is it rooted? No plausible alternative explanation of the story’s origin has ever been offered. Furthermore, recent psychology of memory research supports the claim of Matthew to be considered historical. A natural source for much of Matthew is the family of Jesus, in particular Mary. Free Map of antalya 2016.

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