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Free Map of american states for No historian records every event, as a reading of Tacitus, Suetonius, and Cassius Dio on any given period makes clear. Josephus naturally focused his account on the many events that seemed to him of greater immediate political significance to Herod’s reign and his succession. However, strikingly, an implicit reference to the incident may be found in the pseudepigraphal Assumption of Moses , which very probably dates to early in the irst century AD AD It reports in prophetic form what Herod did during his reign And he will cut off their chief men with the sword, and will destroy them in secret places, so that no one may know where their bodies are. He will slay the old and the young, and he shall not spare. Then the fear of him shall be bitter unto them in their land. And he shall execute judgments on them as the Egyptians executed upon them, during thirty and four years, and he shall punish them. Historically, we know of no other event during Herod’s reign that would explain the peculiar reference to his merciless slaying of the young than the Massacre of the Innocents. Free Map of american states 2016.

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