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Free Map of alberta for ??? , informs us that there was a lunar eclipse less than a month before the Passover that presaged Herod’s death, and the only plausible candidate is the partial lunar eclipse on the night of March ? in BC during which year Passover fell on April Herod, then, passed away at the end of March or beginning of April in BC. In order to accommodate the events of Matthew it seems best to conclude that Jesus’s birth took place in either BC or BC. A date in either of these years would be compatible with Luke ‘s statement that Jesus began his ministry in the late s AD when he was about thirty years of age, which would readily accommodate an age of up to It must be understood that the BC/AD BCE/CE system with which we are so familiar was built on the work of Dionysius Exiguus, a sixth-century Scythian monk. Unfortunately, in his dating of Jesus’s nativity he made a couple of miscalculations which mean that, contrary to what one might have expected, the birth of Jesus does not correspond to the year zero. First, the monk did not include a year , so that one moves from BC straight to AD Second, he failed to take into consideration the four years when Caesar Augustus reigned under his original name Octavian. Consequently, even before considering the Biblical evidence, the BC/AD transition is off target by years. The Magi’s Entry into Jerusalem The use of behold in association with the entry of the Magi into Jerusalem Matt. Free Map of alberta 2016.

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