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Free Map of albania for M. Wijngaards questions whether Herod would have convoked the Sanhedrin, highlights the redundancy of the Star leading the Magi to Bethlehem since they already would have known the way, suggests that Herod would have sent a spy along, and wonders why an episode such as the slaughter of the infants went unmentioned by other sources. However, when Herod was in urgent need of religious instruction, he would, of course, have arranged for a gathering of the top theologians in the land Matt. all the chief priests and scribes of the people. Knowing that within Judaism and indeed even within individual movements like Pharisaism there was a variety of interpretive traditions, Herod would have been eager to be exposed to the full range of exegetical opinion on the question of the Messiah’s birthplace. Too much was at stake for Herod to restrict his theological counsel to one or two religious leaders. Moreover, the appearance of the Star on the inal stage of the Magi’s journey was not entirely devoid of purpose, since the Star did pinpoint the precise location within Bethlehem where the messianic child was. Free Map of albania 2016.

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