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Free Map of alaska for The sequence of events makes good sense, since the Magi have come to Jerusalem on account of witnessing a celestial sign that they have interpreted as announcing the birth of the King of the Jews. Jesus’s Birth The Place The town where Jesus was born is identiied here for the irst time as Bethlehem. This prepares for verses where the chief priests inform Herod that the Messiah was, according to the prophet Micah, to be born in Bethlehem. The town had strong Davidic connections. As the book of Ruth makes plain, Bethlehem was where Boaz and Ruth, David’s great-grandparents, met and married and bore David’s grandfather Obed. Moreover, it was in Bethlehem that Obed fathered Jesse and that Jesse fathered David. Matthew highlights that Bethlehem was of Judea. Free Map of alaska 2016.

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