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Free Flags for The most prominent manifestation of this is a spectacular -foothigh, -rayed star, illuminated by bulbs, on South Mountain, that stunningly beams out over the city and is visible miles away. Similarly, Palmer Lake in Colorado boasts a -foot-tall, -pointed, incandescent Star of Bethlehem on the side of Sundance Mountain. Perhaps no people celebrates the Star of Bethlehem more than the Poles. To them Christmas is known as Little Star. Festivities formally commence around sunset on Christmas Eve, when the irst star is spotted and is called the Star of Bethlehem. The Poles enjoy a Star Supper, during which a heavenly Star cookie might be served. Then, according to the tradition practiced in many parts of Poland, the Star Man, the Santa-like gift giver in Poland who represents the Little Star itself, appears, bearing presents from Star Land. Free Flags 2016.

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