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Free Baby girl dresses for Matt[hew says that the magi saw the star not planets, not a comet of the King of the Jews at its rising or in the East, and that it went before them from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and came to rest over where the child was. In recent literature I have not found an astronomical proposal that its that literally. Of course, we should not excuse a low view of the accuracy of Matthew’s narrative about the Magi and the Star on the ground that no astronomical hypothesis has yet succeeded in explaining all of its details. As we shall see in the following chapter, Matthew’s Gospel should be classiied as an ancient Greco-Roman biography with a definite interest in historical accuracy. If Matthew, our major source regarding the Star, cannot be trusted in the little information that he gives us about it, then the quest for the historical Star is doomed to failure. Everyone in the debate should accept that the preferred hypothesis is the one that matches Matthew’s account most closely, and the ideal hypothesis is the one that its it perfectly. Hence the more any hypothesis is in tension with the data in Matthew’s Gospel, the more it should be regarded as inferior. Free Baby girl dresses 2016.

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