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In spring 256, a council of 71 Proconsular and Numidian bishops confirmed this, notified Pope Stephen of its decision and expressed a hope of obtaining his approval; it was also decided that clerics who reentered the church from heresy could only be admitted as laymen Ep. 72. Frankfurt Metro Map On 1 September 256, after Stephen had ordered the Africans to conform to the Roman custom under pain of excommunication, Cyprian called 87 bishops, more than 50 from Proconsularis, 30 or so from Numidia and some from Mauretania, to Carthage. The acts of this council survive, titled Sententiae episcoporum LXXXVII de haereticis baptizandis CSEL 3, 1, 435-461. First they read Bishop Jubaianus’s letter to Cyprian on the baptism of heretics and the latter’s reply Ep. 73; then Jubaianus’s second letter accepting Cyprian’s opinion. The bishop of Carthage then asked each bishop present to express his opinion freely on the question, which they did in hierarchical order, Cyprian being the last to speak. All declared that baptism administered by heretics was invalid and that those so baptized must be rebaptized before being admitted into the church.

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