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Aile du Chateau de Versailles

France Country

LOCATION: Although France is approximately on the same latitude as Montreal, the weather is usually somewhat warmer because of the Gulf Stream. The climate is similar to that of New York.

CHARACTERISTICS: No one has to be told that Paris has everything for everyone. Its hotels are good, its restaurants, of course, out of this world. You can have a wonderful time in this famous, gay old city, not only during the summer season but also in winter and early spring when there are even greater attractions in theater, music and art. Other parts of France are awaiting you, too. The Riviera, with its long stretch of fashionable and magnificent beaches, its casinos, its luxurious hotels, is ready to help you have a wonderful time, as are the Chateau country, Normandy and Brittany. The people are cultivated, witty, and charming. They are also worldly-wise and sensitive to criticism. Tourism is one of France‚„s greatest sources of foreign currency. Visitors from abroad are generally appreciated and treated with special courtesy.

POPULATION : 41,907,056, which approximates the population of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the New England states combined.

SIZE: 212,655 square miles, about 20 per cent smaller than Texas.

HOW TO GET THERE: By Pan American Clipper, direct to Paris 11V2 hours (elapsed time) from New York. Through-plane service to Nice on the Riviera via Lisbon, about 19V‚£ hours from New York, 19 hours from Boston. Connections at Lisbon for Paris (4 hours). By ship, 5 to 9 days.

ACCOMMODATIONS : There are countless hotels and pensions in Paris. You can find anything you want at any price. In the de luxe group are: the Ritz, Plaza Athenee, George V, Meurice, Crillon, Prince de Galles, Royal Mongeau, Raphael, and Bristol. Slightly less luxurious but very good are the Claridge, Vendome, Continental, Westminster, Napoleon-Bonaparte, California, Bellman, and others. Rates at official exchange run from about $10 a day and up single with no bath (no meals) at the top hotels.’About $5 or $6 in the less swank group, and so on down from there. In the center of Paris, for businessmen, there are the Scribe and the Ambassador. Rates at official exchange run from about $8 a day up. Hotel space is hard to find in Paris from Easter until the end of October. This is the ‚Å“on season‚ when the capital is thronged with visitors and prices rise accordingly. From December 20 to March 1 most hotels in Paris and on the Riviera reduce prices as much as 20 per cent.

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