Fortaleza Subway Map

Fortaleza Subway Map on The country has a population of over one billion people rivaling CHINA as the largest in the world. Unlike China, India has been unsuccessful in controlling population growth. Natural resources have been heavily denuded to support this growth, especially natural forests and topsoil, as well as coastal marine resources. India has surprisingly few cities with populations over 10 million people, but they include its capital New Delhi in the north, its major west coast port Mumbai (Bombay), and its major east coast port Kolcata (Calcutta). Over 70 percent of the population is rural and a big economic problem is adequate rainfall at the right time and place for a bountiful harvest. India’s official languages include Hindi (derived from ancient Sanskrit), English (from the British colonization of India until 1947), Punjabi (in the western provinces), and 15 major and 1,600 minor additional languages. Major ethnicities include 72 percent northern Indo-Aryans and 25 percent southern Dravidians. Fortaleza Subway Map 2016.

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