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Fortaleza Map Tourist Attractions on Fleeing the devastation caused by the invading French Army under Napoleon, Hegel fled to the Bavarian Alps. There, in Bamberg, he edited the local newspaper, Zeitung. When the war calmed, he relocated to northern Germany, accepting a job as headmaster and philosophy professor at the Nuremberg Preparatory College in 1808. He would remain with the school until 1818, in between marrying, siring four children, and writing another book, The Science of Logic. Actually a series of three bookspublished respectively in 1812, 1813, and 1816Science refines his statements made earlier in The Phenomenology of Spirit. The triad explores his developments on three interrelated doctrines, Being, Essence and Concept, and is rather a transcendental look at the nature of man. According to Hegel, the state is the living God and individuals but passing shadows in which conflict and war are affirmations of the vitality of the state. Fortaleza Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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