Food in Santiago de Compostela


The Galician language (Galego) is still widely used today. The official language institute estimates that 94% of the population understand it, while 88% can speak it. Galego belongs to the Iberian Romance group of languages with some common aspects with Portuguese. A brief introduction to the language (in English) can be found on the Internet at: www.usc.en/~ilgas/galician html

Food in Santiago de Compostela Gallery Photos

Food in Santiago de Compostela

The Gaita

Traditional Galician Pipes

Phrase blogs between Spanish (Castellano) Galego and English are difficult to find. Here are a few common words to whet the appetite. One of the mort obvious differences is the substitution of the Spanish J (hard as in Junta khunta) as opposed to the softer Galego (Xunta pron: shunta).

The way of St. James Pilgrimage to finisterre Fountains of Gal I icia The Botanical garden Museum of sacred art Collegiate church Town Hall

Below the main Square Spanish

Del Camino Jacobeo Peregrinaje a Finisterre Las Fuentes de Gall icia El Jardin Botanico Un Museo de Arte Sacro Colegiata Iglesia Casa Consistorial Bajo el plaza mayor


Do Camino Xacobeo Peregrinaxe a Fisterra Das Fontes de Galiza

O Xardin Botanico

O Museu do Arte Sacr Colexiata Igrexa Concello da Vila Debaixo do praza maioi

If you are only staying in Galicia for a few days but wish to acquaint yoursel! with the rudiments of the language, I recommend you buy a blog that has all thre; translations in one volume (two are suggested in the bibliography at the back).

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