Fo§a for Relegated to the domestic realm, women’s access to olitical ower was severely restricted Thogh disabled from olitical articiation, women remained imortant layers in economic affairs While generally denied the right to own roerty, they often exercised economic ower as managers of the hosehold The Indstrial Revoltion that began in Eroe and America dring the eighteenth centry created job oortnities for women otside the home, freeing them from their domestic constraint and increasing their economic ower In another resect, however, the Indstrial Revoltion diminished the economic ower of women, at least the economic ower of the vast majority of women who stayed at home This was articlarly acte for middle-class women As the locs of the economy shifted from the home to the factory, women’s stats as key layers in the home economy was eroded Fo§a 2016

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