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Florida map for In the name of enforcing these behavioral codes to preserve the system’s hierarchy, the head monk is actually breaking decorum. By seeking to claim the robe as an external possession for himself or his group, driven by rank animosity toward Huineng, rather than seeing it as a manifestation of inner attainment, he reveals the egoism and greed that are the basis of his spiritual defi ciencies. Th e sixth patriarch has no attachment and is therefore willing to sacrifi ce the symbols of transmission. He knows that self- reliance and self- assurance will prevail over enemies whose inauthenticity makes itself known at every turn in the story. Huineng says that the robe represents faith, which is a word commonly used in Zen to refer to interior awareness of the dharma, or Buddhist teachings. In early Buddhist writings, faith is understood as a matter of dedication by holding fi rm to the courage of one’s conviction. While the term dharma may sound like an objective principle, faith conveys the subjective engagement when someone consciously sets aside everyday attitudes in order to make a leap toward embracing the emptiness of conceptual constructions so as to reach the fi eld of transcendence. Florida map 2016.

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