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The highest peak in this region at 1,945 m (6, 320 ft), stands above Lago di Vagli, which is an artificial lake covering the drowned village of Fabbrica. Nearby are Vagli di Sotto (seepl64) and Vagli di Sopra, ancient villages with rugged stone houses. To the south, in the valley of the Turrite Secca, a spectacular mountain road leads to Seravezza, passing through a The Turrite Secca valley in the Parco Naturale delle Alpi Apuane white-walled tunnel, the Galleria del Cipollaio. Northwest, at Arni, are the Marmitte dei Giganti (Giants' Cooking Pots), great hollows left by the glacial meltwaters of the Ice Age.

Southeast at Calomini is a 12th-century rock-cut hermitage, home to a Capuchin monk. Further on is the Grotta del Vento (Cave of the Wind), at Fomovolasco. To the east, past Barga, at Coreglia Antel-minelli, is the Museo della Figurina di Gesso, devoted to The 13th-century Rocca at Castelnuovo di Garfagnana the history of locally manufactured plaster figurines, once sold by traders all over Europe.

ITr Museo della Figurina di Gesso Via del Mangano 17, Coreglia Antel-minelli. Q (0583) 780 82.

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