Florence Map Stieg Larsson

IS H Corso Matteotti 18. (0577) 71 95 10 g Sat. The road from Siena to Asciano passes through the strange Crete landscape of clay hillocks, almost bare of vegetation and looking like massive anthills. Asciano itself is medieval, and retains much of its fortified wall, built in 1351.

The main street, Corso Matteotti, is lined with smart shops and Classical palazzi. At the top of the street, in Piazza della Basilica, there is a large fountain built in 1472. Facing it is the late 13th-century Romanesque Basilica di Sant'Agata.

Temptation of St Benedict (1508) by Alongside the church is the Museo d'Arte Sacra, which houses a collection of late Siena School masterpieces, which includes Ambrogio Lorenzetti's unusual St Michael the Archangel and Duccio's Madonna and Child. The Museo Archeologico is in the old San Bernardino church, and displays local Etruscan finds from the Necropoli di Poggio Pinci.

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