Florence Map Counties

A striking feature is their overhanging upper stories, built out on massive timbers. Ft San Francesco Via Maffei. Open daily. 0 The church was built in 1245 by Brother Elias, a native of Cortona, who succeeded St Francis as leader of the Franciscan order.

He and Luca Signorelli (1441-1523), also born locally, are buried here. The church contains an Annunciation, the last work by Pietro da Cortona (1596 1669) and a 10th-century ivory reliquary, brought back from Constantinople by Brother Elias. It is displayed in Bernardino Radi's 17th-century marble tabernacle.

The Annunciation (1428-30) by Fra Angelico in the Museo Diocesano ffl Piazza Garibaldi Located on the eastern edge of town, this square is a favourite haunt of American students who come to Cortona each summer. It offers superb views, notably of the handsome Renaissance church of Santa Maria delle Grazie al Calcinaio.

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