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Remains of an earlier Romanesque building were incorporated into the west facade. The entrance is through an attractive doorway (1550) by Cristofanello. Hr Museo Diocesano Piazza del Duomo 1 Q (0575) 628 30. Open Tue-Sun.

Adm charge 0 Housed in the 16th-century church of Gesu, the museum contains several masterpieces. Chief among these are Fra Angelico's Annunciation (1428-30), a Crucifixion by Pietro Lorenzetti (c. 1280-1348) and a Deposition by Luca Signorelli (1441-1523).

There is also a Roman sarcophagus, featuring Lapiths and Centaurs, which was much admired by Donatello and Brunelleschi. Medieval houses in Via Janelli ® Via Janelli The medieval houses in this short street are some of the oldest to survive in Italy.

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