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Flights to usa for Tim Hegedus points out that, Mother goddesses were not incompatible with Virgo in ancient Greco-Roman religion. According to Frances Yates, The virgin is a complex character, fertile and barren at the same time. For example, the igure of Isis holding her son Horus was identiied with Virgo. Virgo was also associated with various other mother goddesses in antiquity, such as Juno, Dea Caelestis, Ceres, Magna Mater, Atargatis, and even Ilithyia, the Greek goddess of childbirth As Boll concludes, alles ist eins [everything is the same Theony Condos comments that, in identifying the constellation as a maiden, the Greeks were probably indebted to the Babylonians, who associated it with the virgin aspect of the Great Mother Goddess. Those who deny that Virgo is in mind in Revelation claim that the twelve stars on her crown Rev. and on her head a crown of twelve stars represent the twelve zodiacal signs or constellations excluding Ophiuchus. However, even if we accepted that Virgo was being presented as having the twelve zodiacal constellations/signs on her head, that could be explained in another way, namely, that she encapsulated and represented the entire zodiac. Flights to usa 2016.

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