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Flags of the world for (3) Prose Commentary Selection by Yuanwu: When immersed in this kind of Zen, even if the myriad appearances and forms, heavens and hells, and all the plants, animals, and people all were to shout at once, he still would not be bothered. Even if someone overthrew his meditation seat and scattered his congregation with shouts, he would not give it any notice. It is as high as heaven, and as broad as the earth. If Guishan did not have the ability to cut off the tongues of everyone on earth, at that time it would have been very diffi cult for him to test Deshan. If he were not the enlightened Whither Koans, or Wither? 181 teacher of fi ft een hundred people, at this point he would not have been able to explain anything. Guishan was setting strategy in motion from within his tent that would settle victory over a thousand miles. An examination of the case narrative indicates that Deshan was originally a member of the Vinaya order (this was a diff erent sect based on monastic discipline, whereas Zen was based on meditation) and was also known as a specialist in the Diamond Sutra. Flags of the world 2016.

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