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Fish tank decorations for Zhaozho said, A shi cannot anchor where the water is shallow, and then he abrtly took leave Zhaozho later came on where another hermit was staying and called ot, Are yo there Are yo there Th is hermit also raised his fi st Zhaozho said, Yo have the ability to give and to take, to kill and to give life, and then he bowed Aarently the master has heard that these hermits had attained a secial level of sirital accomlishment, and he decides to visit them in their hts or caves to test their abilities When asked the qestion, Are yo there meaning, in eff ect, Demonstrate yor sirital ower! both hermits give the same nonverbal resonse, holding a fi st, erhas somewhat defi antly Bt they receive oosite evalations from the master: the fi rst hermit is criticized as being like shallow water, whereas the second one is raised for being able to give and take life like a doble- edged sword, an image mentioned in Wmen’s verse commentary Th e key rital element in this koan involves the master’s tenos and contested relationshi with the hermits Fish tank decorations 2016

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