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149-51 Central Street, EC1 The setting may be sleek, but this City favourite serves up some of the best and best-value fish and chips in town. p45 is a useful site for listings, reviews and information about London restaurants. Izzon me Endo Sushi @ Osaka Central Fish Market holidaymapq

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Fish Central

By the time most young adults have turned age thirty, they have finished school, are working, have left home, and are married so they get to the place that their parents achieved at younger ages. Women’s and men’s paths are similar, and there is greater gender equality in their activities than in the past. European Americans participate in schooling and work in greater numbers than African Americans and members of other ethnic groups and that gives them greater resources for rearing families. Finding ways for parents in groups with few resources to increase their resources and decrease the stress that often accompanies limited income and support is a major social task. Childlessness Although percent of women in had children by the time they were age forty to forty-four, percent were childless.

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