First Time Visiting Thailand? Here’s a Few Things You Should Know

Thailand is a favourite travel destination in Southeast Asia. Many people who visit the region prefer to travel to Bangkok and make it their base before going about their private business in the neighbouring countries.

It’s easy to love Thailand: lush greenery, sun-kissed beaches, world-class dining, and a warm, friendly populace! After just one visit, you might get hooked and dream of returning again and again.

It’s an easy country to tour, with lots of people to meet and locations to visit. First time visitors, regular tourists, and business travellers alike find Thailand to be a magical country with many exciting and relaxing things to do.

For many people across the globe, Thailand naturally evokes images of beautiful beaches, amazing landscapes, and exotic foods. Are you enticed enough to visit? If so, then here are a few things you might want to take note if it’s your first time to Thailand.

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If you’re coming from the West, you’ll find Thailand quite inexpensive, although Bangkok and the southern islands may be a bit pricier compared to the north. But overall there are cheap guesthouses to rent, going for as low as 300 THB a night (around $9), and even cheaper at 200 THB if you’re in the countryside. But that’s not always a flat rates and you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re charged 400 THB for the same service in big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

For more luxurious accommodations on the islands, you should be ready to pay 600 THB for a more standard room with air conditioning. It’s also the

same rate for basic bungalows. If you’re lodging in a hotel, the prices may start at about 1,350 THB a night.


Food is another inviting attraction you’ll enjoy in Thailand, with street food costing as little as 20 THB. And if you want something really filling,you probably won’t have to spend more than 50 THB for a proper meal.

If you’d like to have pizza, pasta, a burger, or some other western dishes, it’ll cost you between 170-340 THB (if it’s even available!), which could

go even higher if you’re in a fancier restaurant in the big cities.


Transportation is Thailand is convenient, easy, and equally as cheap, with local buses charging as little as 8 THB per trip. If you’re taking the Skytrain or the Metro in Bangkok, you’ll spend between 15 – 50 THB a trip.

But for a premium and more personalised traveling experience, you might want to consider renting a car. Car rental services can get you to and from the airport, around the city, or if you’re just interested in exploring the Thai countryside with a small group.

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