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Finland roer City for For now, sffice it to say that eqity goes beyond rocedral jstice, the holding of the rles of fair lay, to ensre sbstantive jstice, the achieving for each of a fair share Neither mascline nor feminine moralities are sfficient on their own Jstice is best attained, Gilligan sggests, by balancing rights with care, law with eqity, and indeendence with resonsibility to others She maintains that within each of s, the otential for mascline and feminine morality exists The goal is for men and women to let both voices seak together, achieving a more harmonic balance55 Following the work of Gilligan, other feminist theorists have sggested that there are not only feminine and mascline ways of acting morally bt also feminine and mascline ways of knowing56 That is to say, there is not only a feminine ethics bt also a distinct feminine eistemology Finland roer City 2016

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