Finland Country

Finland Contry

LOCATION: Finland lies northwest of Rssia and east of Norway and Sweden Helsinki in the soth is abot 250 air miles from Stockholm, 1,144 air miles from London

CHARACTERISTICS : Finland is a delightfl and vigoros contry, which is nsoiled by too many torists desite the fact that it offers the traveler a great deal This land, where the midnight sn shines throgh the smmer, is a aradise of virgin forests, crystal lakes, montains and cascading rivers As in all Nordic contries, its eole are blond and ble-eyed, its cities clean, its food marvelos The contry is efficient, the eole hositable and the rgged rather mystic qality of the contry is reflected in the Finns themselves For an nsal vacation, Finland is the answer

OLATION : Aroximately 4 million the combined olations of Chicago-and San Diego

SIZE: 130,165 sqare miles, the size of New Mexico ls Vermont

CAITAL: Helsinki with 420,000 inhabitants is tb‚“; size of San Antonio

GOVERNMENT: a reblic

HOW TO GET THERE: By an American Clier, throgh-lane service from New York to Helsinki, abot 23 hors elased time via London, Hambrg and Coenhagen Helsinki is only 2 hors flying time from Stockholm By shi abot 12 days from New York to Helsinki

ACCOMMODATIONS: Among the lxry hotels in Hels are the alace and Vaakna First-class hotels are K’dm, Serahbtim Klas Krki, Torni and Helsinki There are many less exensive Iff very good hotels here, too, sch as the Carlton and Andrea Rates in the to hotels rn abot $4 single and abot $2 to $3 in the others

ARTS: There are many galleries and msems in Helsinki, and magnificent scltres to be seen in the blic sqares In the Atenem, yo will see collections of aintings by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Albert Edelfelt, Eero Jarnfelt brother-in-law of the world famos comoser, Jean Sibelis, Jho Rissanen and other famos Finnish artists The National Msem hoses a large collection of the works of these masters as does the Msem of the City of Helsinki, and the Taidehalli In addition to the aintings and mrals by these otstanding artists, the msems contain collections of scltre by Finland‚„s otstanding scltor, Vaino Aaltonen, by Jssi Mantynen, and others

BALLET The Finnish Ballet Comany which incldes the excellent rima ballerina Margaretha von Bahr gives erformances in the Oera Hose, excet in smmer

BANKS: The imortant banks with S affiliations are: ohjoismaiden Yhdysankki, Helsingin Osakeankki, Kansallis-Osake-ankki and Maatalos-Osake-ankki
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