Fighting Cancer With Food, Running Motivation And Learning To Ski

Fighting cancer with food, running motivation and learning to ski.


I was pleased to read your feature ‘Eat To Beat Breast Cancer’ (Healthy Start issue). My \brother had prostate cancer and made big changes to his diet to takeback control and give himself the best possible chance of survival.He’s now free from cancer. But when he had a stay in hospital, he was shocked at the food served in the cancer ward. It was mostly thingscancer sufferers shouldn’t be eating.I now realise how important it is to boost my defences with powerful,protective foods and they’re on my shopping list. So I drink green tea now and buy more nuts, oily fish, veg and turmeric. I’ve bought the book you recommended too, Take Breast Cancer Off Your Menu by Hilda Glickman (Foulsham, £9.99).

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Thank you for your superb article ‘Run YourFirst Half Marathon’ (Healthy Start issue)Running that distance seemed a great ideawhen my friend talked me into it a couplemonths ago. We’re booked in for the Rock’n’ Roll half marathon in Madrid at the endof April and I’d been starting to wonder what I’d got myself into.However, your nicely-timed article cameto my rescue and I realised I should stopworrying. Getting to the start line may notbe as daunting as I’d thought. I’ve got thewill and you’ve got the way! I already run10K, so if I follow your advice. I could berace-ready in a few short months. I’m focused and eager to succeed. Many thanks for your help in that direction.


I was attracted to your article, ‘Back to School’ (December issue) about learning to ski as an adult. I thought it was a misprint that the writer was saying 25 was ‘older’. That’s not older – my husband and I had our first skiing lesson at 57 and are hooked! Every year we go in Whistler in Canada and recommend it for seniors who are fit. You’re never too old to learn to ski!


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