Feeling overwhelmed? it’s time to put your team to work…

The team

10 tasks to


feeling overwhelmed? it’s time to put your team to work…


1 LOCAL CONTACT ‘If you’re getting married where you grew up, then use your mum – she’s a great contact. Ask her to research potential suppliers before you meet them and co-ordinate deliveries and set up times in the run up to the day.’ Julia Dowling, snapdragonparties.com

2 ACCOMMODATION ‘Aunt Deidre will ask where to stay as soon as the save the dates are out, Grandma will worry about wheelchair access for Grandpa, and your cousins will want to know about the overnight parking. Get your mum to put all the info together and even block-book rooms at one or two hotels.’ Fiona Kerr, supplements editor

3 MAKE OR BAKE ‘Flower arranging, cake baking, even dressmaking – if your mum has these skills, put them to good use. It’ll make her feel involved and save money.’ Sam Rogers, online content editor

Feeling overwhelmed? it’s time to put your team to work… Photo Gallery


4 FAVOURS ‘When I was a bridesmaid last summer, the bride asked us to help decant endless litres of sloe gin into little bottles with “Drink Me” tags as favours. Some got “spilt” (into our glasses!), and it ended up being a fun bridesmaid-bonding session.’ Helena Stevenson, 28, reader

5 HEN PARTY ‘I gave my ’maids’ a precise brief for my hen do. It meant I didn’t end up cupcake making when I’d rather spend the money on cocktails.’ Gillian Moor, 33, reader

6 THEIR DRESSES ‘I wanted my three ’maids to wear dresses in shades of blue. I gave them each a budget of £150 and asked them to make a shortlist. Tey tried on all the styles and I decided which one was best. It saved me time and my bridesmaids got a dress they liked.’ Kirsten Sinclair, 31, reader


7 FIRST NIGHT ‘Make sure he books a car to take you from the reception to the hotel. My husband forgot – luckily the best man had a list of taxi numbers…’ Abigail Hunter, 29, reader

8 MUSIC ‘Te playlist was my husband’s area. But on the day, he also gave me a mixed CD of the most special tracks from the list – it was the best present.’ Louise Marshall, 30, reader

9 BOOZE ‘We drove to France to buy our wine and champagne – it gave us a break from all the wedding bickering!’ Anna Everett, 32, reader+1 for little ones!

10 DIY ‘Your cousin’s paper pompom might not make the marquee – but it’s a fun way to involve the fower girls.’ Laura Burkitt, lifestyle stylist

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