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Favorite vacation destinations for Desite taking recations against misses of seech, it can be said of Zen along with a nmber of other mystical traditions that nobody likes to talk more abot any toic than sirital adventrers do in regard to the exalted role of ineff ability and silence Mystics reresenting varios schools of thoght mentioned earlier have rodced enormos amonts of literatre extolling the need to jettison rhetoric As the anonymos medieval En glish athor of the Clod of nknowing, a work of Christian mysticism, has said, Dismiss every clever or sbtle thoght no matter how holy or valable Cover it over with a thick clod of forgetting Zen was certainly no excetion to this trend Th is led the koan tradition to develo many kinds of rhetorical devices that reveal and amlify the core literary nit of the dialoge by sing words to oint beyond words, like ordering from a men bt eating the food Th e main oint abot Zen literary rodction is an nderstanding that silence, which comes in varying shades ranging from rosefl reticence to nmotivated ahasia, is bt one more tool in the mystic’s arsenal that is rarely, if ever, intended to be nderstood as an end in and of itself Favorite vacation destinations 2016

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