The Favorite Means of Transportation for Tourists in Barcelona

Barcelona is an extremely popular point of destination among tourists. Every year, about 25 million people from different countries visit this city. It is a huge number, isn’t it? They admire the beauty of the Sagrada Fam­lia, enjoy watching a spectacular music and light show of the Magic Fountain, and leisurely stroll along La Rambla street.

What about the transport system in Barcelona? Is it convenient to use? What means of transport do tourists prefer to use? Let’s try to consider all these issues in detail.

In general, Barcelona has a comfortable and elaborate transport system network. So you should not be afraid to get lost there. It is virtually impossible.

It’s worth noting that it is very hot in Barcelona, especially in summer. Once, my friend Gabriela from Barcelona has told me an interesting fact related to the tourists. According to her story, it is almost impossible to meet the Spaniard in a heated summer day. They normally have a siesta at this time, or they stay at home, hiding from the scorching sun. “If you see people strolling along the streets of the city despite the unbearable heat, they are tourists. Even if the ground beneath their feet is about to burn, they do not stop exploring the city, Gabriela said.

Most tourists really prefer to walk. But they also use some usual means of transport. For example, segways. The Barcelona Segway Tour is in a great request. When you are in Barcelona, do not miss the opportunity to take this tour. You will get a bright new experience. What is important, it is better to ride segways early in the morning until the streets are packed with people.

Both locals and tourists often use public transport because it is cheap and convenient. Bus stop sign is a black bus on a white background.

As for the taxi, it is another popular means of transportation around the city. Without exaggeration, there are many taxis in Barcelona. At least, there are 10,000 of them. Official taxis are yellow and black. A green light at their top shows whether the car is occupied or vacant. If you don’t want to pay more, always pay attention to the taximeters. Taxis equipped with taximeters are available at If you are satisfied with everything, you can leave a tip for the taxi driver. It is usually 5-10% of the cost of the trip.

Not everyone can use a taxi here. If a person is drunk or gets high, they are not allowed to sit into a cab. There are strict rules concerning this.

Talking about the subway, there are 5 subway lines in Barcelona. The stations are placed near the city’s main attractions, which is very convenient. Keep your ticket until the end of the trip. Otherwise, you can pay a pretty big fine that is ‚40.

If your trip is coming to an end, you should think about how to get to the airport El Prat. The first option is to take a taxi. If you have a limited budget, you can always use public transport. Since the airport is located 12 kilometers from the city, it won’t take much time.

To spend a holiday in Barcelona is a dream for every tourist. The city has a lot of sights to see. If you don’t like to walk that much, you will definitely enjoy its convenient transport system. So do not sit in the hotel, go out and hurry up to explore incredible Barcelona.

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