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FamilyFamily vacations for The development component comprises the commercialization of any scientific research and development 707 breakthrough. The final result, if successful, may be a dramatic innovation or a comparatively minor change to the ways things are already being done. This basic process of invention has been proceeding for thousands of years and has underpinned a great deal of human social and economic development. R&D is supported by such activities as design, engineering, and learning-by-doing, which are not formally part of R&D, and hence not included in related statistics.

While there is a general relationship between GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) and level of expenditure on R&D, this does not always manifest itself in a positive correlation for economic growth.

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Countries vary in their ability to provide the macroeconomic stability, network of commercialization, and dissemination of knowledge and efficiency necessary for successful R&D investment. Given the importance of R&D, governments have long realized it may be better not to allow it to be determined by random distribution of scientists and resources; instead governments have sought to bring together what are now called clusters”or amalgamations of complementary resources such as researchers, laboratory equipment, libraries, industrial facilities, and entrepreneurs”with a view to guiding research and stimulating greater production.

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