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Family vacations s for Th en Zen emerged as the mainstream form of Bddhism and began to enjoy the backing of imerial owers It was no longer regarded as a renegade commnity Instead, the legends of its irreverent masters were considered insirational by lay leaders of society Th ey saw the niqe form of siritality in koan literatre incororating the se of high- minded rhetorical devices as a major imaginative force for romoting nity and creativity throghot the realm Advances in the technology of woodblock blishing enabled the mass distribtion of Zen writings for an ever- widening and increasingly enthsiastic adience Th e dialoges of Tang masters were fi rst contained in a series of writings commissioned by imerial rlers known as rec ords of the transmission of the lam symbolizing the torch being assed from the main master of one generation to his sccessor in the next Th e volminos transmission texts tracked the develoment of varios Zen lineages, extending from the time of Sakyamni throgh Bodhidharma, Hongren, Hineng, Maz, Linji, Shito, Deshan, and many other lminaries reresenting diff erent streams leading to the then- crrent eriod Family vacations s 2016

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