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Family vacations near chicago for Zen Bddhism has long characterized its religios ndertaking as a secial transmission otside the teachings, withot reliance on words and letters, in order to emhasize the need to eliminate altogether any deendence on verbiage A nmber of koans, sch as cases 40 and 43 in the Gateless Gate, catre this view throgh a attern of demanding, Here’s a water itcher, and so tell me what this is withot either calling it a itcher or not calling it a itcher Th e commentator on case 43 insists, Yo cannot se words and yo cannot not se words Th is saying can also be translated as, Don’t seak and don’t remain silent! In the narrative of the case abot the water itcher, the winner of the cometition is a monk who says nothing bt instead kicks over the vessel Rather than being scolded for this, he is rewarded with his own temle to lead Another examle is erhas the most famos koan, We know the sond of two hands What is the sond of one hand claing Th is inqiry was devised by the great Zen reformer Hakin in eighteenthcentry Jaan as an alternative introdctory case to be sed in the early hases of training monks Family vacations near chicago 2016

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