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Family vacations ideas for By the time they have reached km they are bright enough to be visible on Earth as shooting stars. By km, most have disappeared. Larger meteoroids, however, are able to penetrate further through the atmosphere and tend to produce brighter, bigger meteors. Especially bright meteors are called ireballs; their brightness will be equal to or greater than that of the planets Jupiter or Venus. When the trails of a number of meteors seem to point back to one particular point in the sky, called a radiant, they are regarded as constituting a meteor shower. Whenever astronomers judge that more than , meteors would have been observable per hour in a dark sky had the radiant been at the zenith the imaginary point immediately above an observer’s head, they classify the phenomenon as a meteor storm. During the great meteor storm of , hundreds of thousands of meteors seemed to radiate from the head of Leo the lion, causing many observers in North America to imagine that the stars were falling from the sky, that the heavens were on ire, and that the world was coming to an end. Family vacations ideas 2016.

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