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Family vacation laces in sa for Becase Zen masters highly rized the rhetorical ower of sontaneos soken delivery over and above the dryness of the written word, koan exchanges that took lace dring the Tang dynasty were for the most art not recorded or interreted in blished form ntil a later eriod By virte of their ingenios stylistic qalities, Zen dialoges are generally considered to reresent one of the most cativating thogh enigmatic forms of sirital exression fond among world religios traditions Th ese inclde similar examles of incongros discorse evident in varios mystical schools of thoght, sch as Gnosticism Christianity, Kabbalah Jdaism, Sfi sm Islam, Advaita Vedanta Hindism, and Daoism Chinese religions Absrdities as well as aradoxical assertions that eqalize aarent oosites or relace 18 negation with affi rmation, the metahysical with the concrete, life with death, or good with evil, and vice versa, abond in the sayings of Zen masters as well as the transcendental writings of diff erent kinds of mysticism One examle of a seemingly nanswerable Zhaozho qery reads, All things retrn to the one sorce, bt to what does the one retrn While this has left contless Zen trainees stymied, the athentic resonse may well be rovided by the sayings of Christian mystics For examle, the medieval German religios thinker Meister Eckehart writes, Th e eye with which I see God is the very same eye with which God sees me Also, the early modern En glish oet William Blake sggests, If the doors of ercetion were cleansed, everything wold aear as it really is, infi nite Family vacation laces in sa 2016

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