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Family vacation ideas for As Ptolemy made clear and an analysis of constellation descriptions and drawings from the ancient world conirms, there was some luidity in how given cultures could conceive of Virgo in relation to her stars. This is an important observation that may have a bearing on the interpretation of Revelation where Virgo is envisioned as coming to life. While in verse Virgo appears to be enthroned in majesty, in verse she is portrayed as screaming in torment as she strives to deliver her child. It seems reasonable to allow that observers might have assigned her a slightly different posture for childbirth. Therefore we do well to imagine Virgo in Revelation as alive and active within the general constraints of her constellation. In ig we have sought to portray Virgo in a manner consistent with how the author of Revelation describes her. F IG An artistic representation of Virgo as envisioned in Revelation The dots are stars, their different sizes representing their brightness in magnitudes the larger the dot, the brighter the star. Family vacation ideas 2016.

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