Hi there this is Aguilar travel and her shoes will help you how to travel more live more and be more in your life and if you happen to be one of the hundred thousand people following my adventures on other social media platforms welcome here to youtube and my boutique blog here if we have never met my name is Aggie and, I traveled the world for a living basically and, I tend to share most amazing beautiful photos from my travels on my social media platforms especially Instagram and flipagram. So make sure you follow me at travel underscore in her shoes. I would love to see you there today. I would like to talk to you about Sydney actually yeah Sydney exactly And So I used to live in Sydney. I I was a part of a resident of Australia for quite some time. I studied there at the University of Sydney. I left in. Because I didn’t quite feel like it would be the best place for me to live and write about like two or three weeks ago. I got back from visiting first time since. So after three years.


I got to go back to Sydney and spend two days there only two days. So actually. I think. I did a pretty good job at getting to see the best highlights of Sydney in the two days and got to experience the city. I just love and lived in and whatnot And So let me give you a quick guide for Sydney in less than hours if you have ever lived worked or studied in another town that you were born in you know how much fun it is to go back and get to hang out with old friends and see how much the city has changed and how much you have changed as a person just to compare it. So I have definitely missed the knee a lot it’s a beautiful city it’s probably I’d say one of the prettiest cities if not the prettiest city. I have ever seen in my entire life alright number one thing to see in Sydney if you only of an hour and soon you have to say Sydney Opera House of course of course everyone knows this the part that you probably gonna hate me for is that. I I strongly recommend going there as early as possible at sunrise. So even if the sunrise is at in the morning like it was for us that means that you have to get up at and just head to Sydney Opera House because there is nothing more beautiful than Sydney Opera House like bathe in the morning sun rays and they’re way less tourists it’s way less crowded the city’s just waking up the birds are singing you can have your coffee you can actually take a really nice photo of the opera house without millions of people. So yeah unfortunately that’s not great news but it’s gonna be. So worth it to skip on that beauty sleep this one time also I’d say it’s very worth walking around the nearby put Hanako gardens and to listen to beautiful tropical bird singing. I was also dying myself to visit the nearby Man O’War jetty which is the very jetty where. I arrived from sailing across the Pacific. So I sailed from Mexico to Australia and that was the very first spot. I got to pluck to end step onto the land after months and months of being at sea and the day that. I was there and said he was exactly three years from me selling crystal Pacific.

So it’s very very special beautiful moment as you can see was pretty moving number to catch a ferry somewhere anywhere honestly one of the best things about Sydney is how well it’s connected on the water you can catch very anywhere you want but wherever you go. I guarantee you’re going to see an amazing view of the entire city this skyscrapers scrapers this is the Opera House yeah it’s beautiful layout we happen to catch our ferry to manly Beach which is up north and it took us about minutes to get there and then we got an uber to go to manly boathouse. I love the boat has very quintessential manly place as you can see avvocato toe beautiful coffee art very relaxing right by the water. I highly recommend it for breakfast. I was blown away by the design of that place number four Bondi Beach again Vaughn dyes all the way on the other side of town. So it does take you a little bit of a while to get there but you happen to drive across beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge and, I’m sure climbing is if you have time climbing the bridge would be absolutely awesome but even just driving through the bridge and seeing the Opera House for me at another angle highly recommended you get to Bondi and there you see the famous icebergs virtually the clean icebergs every Thursday which. I happen to be there on Thursday. So my photos suck but at least. I had lunch at icebergs there and get to see the beach a little bit and, I think it’s one of the most famous beaches in Australia this is where. I learned how to surf it’s very easy to learn how to surf there and you have to see it you just have to see it and have one of those boost juices you know the like the smoothie or Jamba Juice in America boost juices are way better. I think yeah but they sell them right there. So it’s a great way to just kind of hang out on the beach and see it for yourself number five go visit University of Sydney of course. I had to visit my old school. Because I had.

So many great memories from there from doing my masters of Management with the most talented crazy inspirational people I’ve ever met. I actually also believe that it’s a great place to see the entire city it’s grass old buildings you can just hang out see you know the skyline of Sydney and just relax a little bit. I think it’s absolutely the highlights of the city for sure. So if you do have time you know walk around the campus get a coffee you lie down on the grass and just feel like you’re a student for a second gonna cool walk the city there are some cities in the world where. I would not recommend you walking around but can use definitely not one of them it’s a beautiful vibrant very modern city kind of like New York and you don’t have to spend hours walking around just ask your uber or taxi driver to drop you off one stop or. I don’t know half a mile earlier and just you know walk around and get to see what the city is really like and watch people and you know it’s the best way to discover town. I think and last but not least Sydney Opera Bar and, I have been to over cities in the entire world and, I’m gonna say that Sydney Opera Bar is probably the coolest bars I’ve ever been to in my entire life it’s right there by Sydney Opera House it’s right by the water you can see the ferries you can see the Sun. So you can see this the opera bridge you can listen to live music having an amazing meal and a cocktail it’s always full of people it’s yeah it’s definitely my favorite bar in the entire world. So if you only have one evening in Sydney you have to make it to see the Opera bar for sure and watch a sunset over Sydney Harbour Bridge if you enjoyed this post and you find it useful please leave me a thumbs up or subscribe to my blog if you think like. I missed something please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you if you want to take our relationship to the next level you can subscribe to my newsletter you can subscribe to my youtube blog or find me on other social media including Instagram and flipagram because that’s where, I’m usually at it was nice to meet you and my next post will be what to do in Australia when you only have two weeks all right that was weird whatever bye.

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