Explore Dubai Like Never Before: Top Rated Places You Need To Visit

Whenever people say they are going to Asia for holiday, the usual suspect has and will always be Dubai. That is not a surprise; it is amazing how this desert city has rose has through the ranks and certainly become of the most talked about and hottest places to visit on Earth. From high rise buildings, breathtaking sunny beaches and outstanding shopping malls, Dubai is surely the place to be. If you are traveling to this location and you would want to explore Dubai like never before, here are top rated places your visit to Dubai would not be complete if you don’t go.

Burj Khalif , The Dubai Fountains

Currently holding the title; world’s tallest building and one of the most iconic skyscrapers in Dubai, a visit to this record breaking building is worth every consideration. Towering a staggering 829.8 Meters, this building, alone, offers some of the best and slick observation decks for photographers making it one of the best spots for you to catch a glimpse of the city up from the sky. Moreover, right at the base of Burj Khalif is one of the most amazing fountains. In fact, it is one of the world’s largest dancing fountains. Set on a jaw dropping 30-acre Burj Khalif Lake, this fountain can shoot water jets as high as 500 ft. As if that is not even enough; with over 6000 WET Superlight and 25 color projectors, , that alone create a visual spectrum of over 1000 abstract attractions making it visible from space becoming one of the brightest spots in the whole on Middle East at night.

The Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium

If you are a shopping freak, The Dubai Mall is a place like no other. Located right at the heart of the prestigious Downtown Dubai, The Dubai Mall is one of the world’s largest and most visited retail and entertainment destinations. From world-class dining, leisure, shopping and entertainment attractions, you clearly need to visit this place. In 2014 alone, this place received a whopping 80 million visitors. The Dubai Acqurium is also worth checking out; one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions, this Aquarium is fast becoming one of the most visited locations in the whole of Dubai. Housing over 140 species of sea life, the Dubai Aquarium will walk you through aquarium tunnels as you take a closer look at the sea life. It is what holiday makers call pure niceness.

Ski Dubai and Atlantis Hotel

The first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, Ski Dubai offers an amazing snow setting to enjoy skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding. Whether it is something for the young or the old, there is something for everyone. Ski Dubai is truly a place to be. Last but not least, if you are not afraid to dig dipper into your pocket to have a great city tour in Dubai, you can head straight to this majestic resort in Dubai; Atlantis Hotel. Located right at the heart of the Palm, first man- made island in the world, this location has for year captured the imagination of the world with its magnificent scale and ingenuity. Atlantis Hotel is like no other; it offers relaxation and thrills for couples and families.

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