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European Union Map for Tariffs on half of the import categories were eliminated immediately while all agricultural provisions will be implemented by the year 2008. In addition, NAFTA eliminated or reduced non-tariff trade barriers (such as quotas or sanitary measures) and added free trade in other important sectors such as investment; trade in services, intellectual property, COMPETITION, the cross-border movement of business persons, and government procurement. Air transport, telephone and basic telecommunication services, and government services are explicitly excluded from liberalization. The treaty also makes concessions to special national interests, for example with an exemption protecting Canadian cultural industries or by U.S.-sponsored patent regimes in pharmaceuticals. It also created new institutions charged with executing or supervising the treaty: the Free Trade Commission, the Commission for Labor Cooperation, the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation, the North American Development Bank, and a dispute settlement mechanism which may utilize the services of other international arbitration panels. European Union Map 2016.

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