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Europe tour packages for Signiicantly, according to Molnar, April was the date of Jupiter’s heliacal rising its brief reappearance in the eastern sky just in advance of sunrise. Consequently, a horoscope drawn up for April , BC would, in Molnar’s opinion, have been deemed important by those operating out of a Greek astrological framework. Indeed he reckons that this second occultation would have been regarded as a sign marking the birth of a royal igure in Judea. It was this later occultation that stimulated the Magi to travel in search of the Messiah. They arrived in Judea in mid-December of BC. Molnar reasons that, because the Magi’s estimation of the signiicance of the Star was so strongly rooted in astrological principles, the people of Jerusalem would not have shared their assessment of the occultations. He envisions Jupiter performing the role of the Star in the aftermath of the initial sign. Europe tour packages 2016.

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