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Click here for a list of most European countries/areas, and the major

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Map of Europe and European Political Map

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Europe map ‚ Map of Europe, European countries and regions

Europe Map Country for Caring While family members are generally involved in providing support to a family member if they become ill, some also become that person’s primary main caregiver i.e. they are required to provide assistance above and beyond that which is normal’ for their role preparing a meal for a partner may be usual, whereas helping them to bathe may not be e.g. Schulz and Quittner There are approximately million UK-based informal unpaid, nonprofessional caregivers, aged predominantly between and , million of whom are female Department of Health a. The problems’ caregivers are providing care for are predominantly those of chronic diseases approximately per cent, with significant proportions caring for problems relating to ageing dementia, problems of mobility, and mental, emotional or neurological problems. As noted by Kalra et al. Europe Map Country 2016.

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