EUGENIUS of Seleucia

Bishop of Seleucia, consecrated by Jacob Baradeus following the death of Theodosius of Alexandria 19 June 566. Thanks also to the support of the monk Athanasius, the empress Theodora’s grandson d. 548, he became a promoter of the monophysite doctrine of tritheism, causing inevitable divisions in the Chalcedonian church. After signing two accords aimed at ending the controversies, in 569 he was condemned and excommunicated by a Jacobite synod of Constantinople. He then associated himself with the deposed Arian bishops Conon and Theonas ordaining bishops in East and West and so initiating a true and proper tritheist hierarchy, until he was banished to the New Monastery of Jerusalem as a result of Emperor Justin II’s persecution of the monophysites 571. He died after his release in Pamphylia. A fierce opponent of John Philoponus, who with the publication of De resurrectione had brought about a kind of schism within the tritheist church itself, Eugenius disputed Philoponus’s concept of the Trinity in a letter written with Conon and Theonas Ep. ad eorum asseclas; he also ridiculed his doctrine of the resurrection in an invective written with a certain Themistius and the above-mentioned Conon Cononitarum tractatus contra doctrinam Philoponi de resurrectione.

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