EUDOXIA d. 404. Daughter of the Frankish general Bauto and sister of Arbogast, she married the emperor Arcadius on 27 April 395. Received the title of Augusta 400, something unusual for empresses. She directly opposed the Arians, and initially had good relations with the archbishop of Constantinople, John Chrysostom. She reacted to his criticism of the tone of life at the court, however, by supporting his condemnation at the Synod of the Oak 403. Chrysostom was immediately recalled, however, due to popular agitation and the wish of Eudoxia herself. The final break came when Chrysostom protested the dedication of a silver statue to the empress; she reacted by having him exiled for good on 9 June 404. Eudoxia died 6 October the same year and was buried at Constantinople in the church of the Holy Apostles.

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