Essential Listing Features Real Estate Agencies Should Be Doing

Being an excellent real estate agent goes beyond just a friendly smile and prompt communication. Today much of the home buying and selling process happens on the internet. Listings display much of the information for clients to view, as well as include pictures to visualize what their new home might be like.

Essential Listing Features Real Estate Agencies Should Be Doing Photo Gallery

When trying to find a real estate agency, there are important qualities to look for, and much of it happens right on the internet. Searching for your new home means sifting through what could be hundreds of listings in the desired area. If your real estate agency isn’t on top of their game, you might not be experiencing a streamlined home buying or selling process. Look for these three key features with any real estate agency you hire for buying or selling homes.
Removing listings that have been sold or expired

While this should be a given for most agencies, you’d be surprised how many leave up on their website old listings that have sold or been taken off the market. Finding the perfect property only to realize it’s already been sold can be devastating. Taking the time to ensure clients are getting to see just what is available is a breath of fresh air.
Up to date listings

When referring to up-to-date listings, this typically means that all the newest properties on the market are available to view. Agencies that don’t update their MLS listings for clients in a timely fashion could their clients are missing out on a property they might want. Eugene Realty Group makes it a habit to have the most up-to-date listings directly on their website, so their clients can easily browse homes in their spare time that might fit their criteria.
Every listing available from every realtor or agency in the area

If you could only view the sales listings of your hired real estate agency, you might be thinking you are limited. And you would be correct. An agency needs to promote the properties, so their clients can find their dream home, whether this means a home the agency is selling or someone else’s. Giving prospective buyers the opportunity to see every listing in the area is what sets good agencies apart from the fantastic ones.

Eugene Realty Group strives to deliver exceptional customer service on top of fantastic features on their website. When you combine these three factors listed when browsing for an agency you will find that the home buying process is much more exciting!

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