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based on a mind map by c barrett figure 3 mind map for memory essay

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as an expository map, it could just aseasily be used for persuasion

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Essay Map for Overall, the rates of anxiety and/or depression are high among people who are dying, although this is by no means universal e.g. Heaven and Maguire reported only per cent prevalence of clinical levels of distress in their sample. The certainty of death commonly brings with it emotional and existential crises alongside concerns about the process of dying and about pain control Strang and Strang , and fears about a loss of dignity, which can raise distress and even lower the will to live Chochinov et al Kubler-Ross described a staged reactive process to dying, with initial shock and numbness following a terminal diagnosis being followed by a stage of denial and feelings of isolation, at which point individuals may become angry, blame others or even attempt to bargain’ for goals they wish to meet before dying. Kubler- Ross describes the final stage as one of acceptance. However, acceptance is not always reached, highlighting as we have previously, that the proposed stages’ do not hold for all cases. For example, among cancer patients, some will enter the terminal phase still in denial’ of their impending death. Essay Map 2016.

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