Espiye for ) The three major features of postmodernism, then, are its focus on the social construction of identity, its perspectivist denial of (epistemological or ethical) foundations, and its ironic demeanor. Postmodernists challenge the very notion of a single, uniform human nature. What makes humans what they are, postmodernists claim, is not some metaphysical or even biological human essence, but a particular historical development, one that has been and remains grounded in social processes. As Richard Rorty states, the postmodern assumption is that socialization, and thus historical circumstance, goes all the way down”that there is nothing beneath’ socialization or prior to history which is definatory of the human.22 Thus postmodernists do not assume the unchanging nature of the individual who willfully wields power in pursuit of chosen interests, as modern individualists do. Nor do postmodernists take for granted the unchanging nature of the social structures that shape individual human behavior, as structuralists do. Instead, postmodern theorists insist that human identities are continually being constructed and contested within protean social environments owing to the interactions of specific forms of power. Espiye 2016.

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