Erzrm for For Marx, legal relations and concets, sch as rinciles of jstice, are derived from the economic strctre of a society159 Jstice as imartiality, Marx sggests, is the ideological mask of a caitalistic economy Wearing this mask allows the state to eretate class interests nder the gise of legality To be imartial is to see everyone as fndamentally the same, as having the same basic identity To the extent that a caitalist state assesses its citizens imartially, it does so nder the assmtion that they all share one fndamental identity”that of indeendent roerty owners Here imartial jstice becomes the chief means of safegarding an individal’s right to by, sell, and exchange roerty inclding the roerty of one’s own labor ower in an oen market Imartial jstice, in other words, ensres the oortnity for the relatively nrestricted accmlation of wealth within a market economy Erzrm 2016

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