Erzincan for 5 Hence Lenin nderstands ideology to constitte an imortant intellectal force of its own Indeed, Lenin leads s to believe that ideology may at times become the rimary force fostering revoltionary changes in class societies This stands in marked contrast to Marx’s claim that ideology is only the efflx of material conditions Lenin’s nderstanding of ideology remains in wide se today The term is still emloyed as Marx emloyed it, that is, as a negative eithet imlying that an individal’s beliefs and vales constitte rationalizations of her social ower or class rivilege Yet it is also sed as a relatively netral term to denote any system of belief abot society or olitics, esecially if this system of belief is action oriented and has ractical imlications Socialist or anarchist systems of belief that advocate revoltion may be no less ideological than conservative systems of belief that jstify and rationalize the ower and rerogative of the er class Erzincan 2016

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