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Resolution: 612 x 792 27 kB
Size: 612 x 792 27 kB

eros map 169 Eros Map

Map Layout Iberostar Laguna Azul

eros map 320 Eros Map

Vesta (720”360) Here I have taken a partial map of Vesta from Hubble

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Photograph:A winged statue of Eros rises above Piccadilly Circus, the

Eros Map for The potential to take the research evidence back into practice is illustrated in the findings of a recent randomised controlled trial comparing the effects of computerised real-time feedback of patient HRQoL results to physicians experimental group, versus no feedback control group, on the HRQoL scores, patient satisfaction and consultation behaviours of liver disease patients Gutteling et al While no direct effect of the experiment was found in terms of overall patient QoL similar to reports from some earlier studies, several interesting interaction effects emerged from more detailed analyses. Older patients who were in the experimental group had a better disease-specific QoL than controls; and both older patients, and males of any age, in the experimental group had better mental QoL than control group patients. In addition, the physicians themselves were seen to have benefited in that those in the experimental group altered their patient management practices in terms of time spent discussing psychosocial issues. While a relatively small study and a poor response rate, this kind of study is immensely valuable in that it begins to demonstrate how we, as health psychologists, can put our years of studying QoL and how to assess it to good use in clinical practice. Summary This chapter has provided evidence that QoL is an important concept that encompasses a person’s subjective belief about the quality of various life domains of importance to them. The domains generally considered in quality of life research include n physical functioning n role functioning n emotional functioning n social functioning n environmental aspects, and, increasingly, n spiritual functioning. We have described a range of influences on the experience of quality of life, including aspects of the disease and its treatment, as well as aspects of the individual such as their age, ethnicity, mood or levels of social support. Eros Map 2016.

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