Erbaa for This sentiment cannot be flfilled if it is comromised and balanced against other ends as bt one desire among the rest137 Here Rawls answers the qestion of why one might wager life and liberty, or let the earth erish, in the rsit of jstice To do anything less wold be to forfeit one’s very hmanity In contrast to deontological claims, tilitarians arge that jstice is a means to secre a more imortant end tilitarians believe that or rimary moral and olitical imerative is to seek the greatest good for the greatest nmber of eole According to tilitarians, therefore, the good is rior to the right The rsit of jstice, from this ersective, does not give one carte blanche to flfill erceived obligations heedless of their effects on others Erbaa 2016

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