EQUITIUS of Hippo Dyarrhytus

Catholic bishop of Hippo Diarrhytus in Proconsular Africa Bizerte – Tunisia, known from the acts of African councils held between 401 and 404. When Equitius refused to submit to a conciliar condemnation, an episcopal delegation was sent in the spring 401 from Pope Anastasius, Bishop Venerius of Milan and the emperor Honorius to deal with the situation. On 13 September of the same year a new council sent a commission of 20 bishops to Hippo to organize the election of his successor. Once more on 16 June 404 a new episcopal delegation presented itself to the emperor, the pope and the Italian bishops, for the purpose of putting an end to Equitius’s unjustified claim to hold on to episcopal power. Equitius is discussed by scholars because nothing is known of his person, and his case remains very obscure. C. Munier ed., Concilia Africae, CCL 149, 198, 203, 213; PCBE 1, 356; O. Perler, Les voyages de Saint Augustin, Paris 1969, esp. 238-239; J. Merdinger, Bishop Equitius and the Problem of Episcopal Malfeasance in Late Roman Africa: SP 34, 170-176; J.A. Sabw Kanyang, Episcopus et plebs. L’vªque et la communaut ecclsiale dans les conciles africains 345 525, Berne 1999; M.-E. Mombili Thumaini, L’aspect d’autonomie de communion dans la praxis africaine des recours   Rome IIIe Ve si¨cles. Essai d’interprtation du comportement ambivalent de l’piscopat africain, Rome 2001.

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